Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drowning in Networking

When we started our shop back at the beginning of January, we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. We started out taking some pictures of a few items and putting them on the site. We had the premade banner and a very short profile. Our pictures were sub par at best. We knew the products were great, But didn't really know the importance of pictures and descriptions. It is still
Hard to get the right pics for our products.

After two months and only ten sales, we were getting frustrated that we didn't get more views. We saw sites that had views in the hundreds within minutes. So I joined the Etsian Newbie team. This was suggested by one of the emails I received from Etsy. I started reading the posts and asking questions. This is where I realized we would need to start networking and getting our shop seen by fellow eosins and in turn by the masses.

This is where I start to go crazy. I had never joined a social network site and didn't have the desire too. I started a blog an got a few other newbies to follow it. Then I delved into facebook. Can I just say, shoot me now. I am a well educated 31 year old who is known to be good with electronics and computers. This was the worst experience I have ever had in my life. I had to create a page like I was a real
Person then another "fanpage" to list my etsy shop. You can't have friends on fanpages only "like". It is all very confusing. I tried adding apps in and it took me in circle on most of them. I couldn't use certain apps on the fanpage. I spent hours on this and still don't see the real benefit. I wanted to through the computer through the wall at times. Then I remembered that I love my MAC and hate facebook.

After the facebook fiasco of 2011, I was hesitant to do any other networking sites. I gave in and tried out Twitter. I am trying to get my shop noticed so I can leave my crappy job. After five minutes (probably less), I was up and running. The birds were singing and I was doing my happy dance. I LOVE Twitter (or as my mom calls it Tweeter). Not only is it simple to use but when I post my product links on there I get like 20 hits immediately. Facebook has gotten me very few. Twitter is definitely my fave marketing tool as of now.

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