Friday, June 29, 2012

The Misadventures of JoJo and Lolli #1

How do two sisters, one a lawyer and one a chemist, become the operators of an online store that sells handmade products. It all started with a Christmas gift. We both received kindles for Christmas 2011, and I, JoJo (aka Amanda) quickly made felted covers for them. Everyone kept saying I should sell the things I crocheted. That is when I came upon, a place to sell handmade items.

Within days we had opened our Etsy shop. The2SistersShoppe. It took awhile but we are now a thriving enterprise and loving every minute of it. With our friends JoJo and Lolli (seen above), we will bring you the stories of triumph, failure, craziness, and everything else that goes into our shoppe.

JoJo (Amanda)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Style Kindle Covers

Are you looking for a kindle/ereader cover that looks and feels like a book? We have exactly what you are looking for. These cases can be made to fit kindle, nook, Sony, kobo, etc. ereaders. We can also make these cases in different fabric.

We were reluctant to make these kind of cases at first. Our original ereader design is a sturdy soft cover that is machine washable and protective. When we made the first book style hard cover we realized how great they are in their own way. They are sleek, sturdy, protective, functional, and way more fashionable than any boring store bought cover. We have a style for whatever you are looking for. We know how much your ereader is part of your life. Why would you want a boring case for your ereader. Reading is an escape into different, fun, scary, crazy, adventurous worlds. Let your ereader express all of that as well.

You can find these cases and many more in our Etsy store. The2SistersShoppe