Sunday, October 7, 2012

JoJo Learns to Sew

Shortly after we started our Etsy site in January 2011, I (JoJo) bought a sewing machine.  I decided it was time to venture beyond crocheting, knitting, and jewelry making.  I mean how hard could it be, right. /wahaha One of my first projects was a "simple" dinosaur stuffed animal.  (See Below).  The poor little dinosaur didn't make it.  It was deflated, and sad and frustrating. 

I soon realized that I am not good at following patterns.  I have to take what it in my head and figure it out and just go.  Patterns are confusing and annoying and the dang paper never stays in place. X(  I began making fabric kindle cases and small purses.  After months of design changes, we have some amazing cases for ereaders.  When I got my first iPad for Christmas 2012, I immediately made a stand case for it and started selling those as well. 

I am by no means an expert.  Things go wrong.  The sewing machine has a life of it's own sometimes.  This can be very frustrating.  Where is Lolli when all this is going on?  She is silently sitting at here desk and hoping for the storm to pass.  I get a bit angry when things don't work out /omg  :D
Take the night, I did my first Kindle zipper case as a custom request for someone. After hours of trying to get the zipper in correctly.  I turned it inside out and was so happy it was almost done.  Then, I realized, I sewed the zipper in upside down.  Lolli just ran from the room. /blur  I was sooooooo mad.  

It's a crazy journey, but we are in it.


Columbus Day Sale!!

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It is a Storenvy site.  We still have our Etsy site.  We only have a few items up so far, but are working on getting more up.